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Starfleet Intelligence Central Records Archive (SICRA)

Compiled Starship and Technology Report

As requested, selected starship and technology intelligence reports transferred from the Central Records Archive located at Starfleet Intelligence headquarters. Per regulations all information in this document is considered classified and is not to be shared with individuals without prior clearance.

You may now use this PADD to review intelligence information obtained from the major powers of the galaxy translated into standard Federation English for your convenience. To review, click the button at the top of your PADD. Further database structure and usage information can be found in the database guide.

Please select the starship intelligence report of your choice. It should be noted that because of the nature of intelligence gathering, only a limited amount of information may have been obtained due to an increase in security or the reassignment or untimely death of one or more undercover agents. However Star Fleet Intelligence is committed to gather the most complete intelligence possible, no matter the cost.

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Medium Cruiser
371.88 meters
192.23 meters
59 meters
1,678,000 metric tons
Cruising Speed:
Max Speed:

Warp 6
Warp 9.6
Notes: The Cardassian Galor class composes the majority of the Cardassian Union's fleet. Originally built to match the previous generation of Federation and Klingon starships the Galor class is easily outclassed by most other starships as the other Alpha Quadrant powers have since advanced beyond the current level Cardassian technology. Equipped with one main forward disrupter array and several smaller arrays, a Galor class is no match for a Federation Galaxy class, to compensate for this short coming the Cardassians often deployed ships in small tactical groups composed of three or more Galor class ship. After Cardassia joined the Dominion the Galor class was refitted with more advance weapons including plasma torpedoes to compete with similar class starships. Even with these improvements the Galor class was consigned to a support role or cannon fodder for more powerful Dominion ships. After the defeat of the Dominion the future of the Galor class is uncertain.
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There are times when a starship maybe required to land on the surface of a planet, and return to oribit. Such situations include emergency landings, inoperable transporter systems, and extended repairs when space dock is not available. Currently only smaller Federation starships, such as the Intrepid and Defiant classes, are equipped with landing systems.

After entering the planet ’s atmosphere the ship will extend landing struts from the bottom of the secondary hull that are capable of supporting the entire weight of the starship. When a landing site is selected the starship comes to zero forward velocity and descends vertically. The final decent is slowed by the ships n avigation thruster, such that it comes to a soft landing on the surface.

Landing a starship is not a recommended procedure as stresses can be extreme and unpredictable on a starship when entering the atmosphere. Use of transporters or shuttlecraft are the preferred method to reach a planet’s surf ace.
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